A Korean designer Bajowoo from Seoul.
It is development with a product letting a background feel a mode in refined street-style in a rock taste.
He makes a real leather item from the first collection with original studs item and parts.
The expression method by his original point of view attracts attention.
It's a topic to collaboration with MACKINTOSH, COMME des GARCONS, GEORGE COX, UNDERGROUND and more.
And Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Miguel, Big Bang and more famous wear on stage and private.

Born in Seoul Korea, in 1984.
Began studying at ESMODE Korea in 2003.
After graduating from ESMODE, he created his own brand - which also became Korea's first official "punk brand" -
and began designing garments and artwork for rock bands.
He built the backbone of his brand after visiting cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, and Bangkok and interacting with its underground punk scene.
In 2008, he moved his label to Tokyo, and was later admitted into Dressmaker fashion school in 2010 - he graduated four years later, in 2014.
In his second year at fashion school, he officially launched 99%IS during the Autumn/Winter season of 2012,
thus enabling the brand to make its debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo for its 2014 Spring/Summer collection.

12기 여성복,남성복
E: 99percentis@gmail.com
T: +82---

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