EUNJUKOH는 MODERN NOMADS 브랜드 컨셉으로 '도시의 세련된 방랑자의 삶‘을 그린다.


Brand Concept: MODERN NOMADS


Deconstructed construction

-New angle on Structure


Unexpected balance

-Drapery effect that fits your body with flat geometric patterns


Soft Structure

-Maximize women’s beauty with the natural style slipping onto the body silhouette using a jersey


2015.05   'EUNJUKOH' 런칭

2014.10   'Seoul Fashion Week Fair '15 S/S' 참여 (서울)
2014.10   'CNKOH exclusive showroom' 오픈 (서울)
2014.09   ‘Capsule show ’15 S/S‘ 참가 (뉴욕)
2014.01   'CNKOH ’14 S/S Collection' @ KSW 패션쇼 (서울)
2013.09   ‘Fashion Coterie ’14 S/S‘ 참가 (뉴욕)
2013.03   'Seoul Fashion Week '13 F/W Vack Yuun-zung X CNKOH Bag' 콜라보레이션 (서울)
2013.02   ‘Fashion Coterie ’13 F/W‘ 참가 (뉴욕)
2013.01   ‘Who’s Next ’13 F/W‘ 참가 (파리)
2012.09   'CNKOH 5thF Studio' 런칭

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