소녀적인 감성을 기본으로 상반된 가치가 공존하는 브랜드 여러 가지 것들의 조화를 
통해 예상치 못한 위트를 보여주며, 대중적이지만 누구나 갖을 수 없는 옷

Based on girlish sensitivity, LONDON CLOU:D embraces contrasting values and an unexpected twist from a combination of different ideas. Clothing adored by many, but not owned by everyone.

Launched the “London Cloud”
Participated in ‘Silver Talk’ exhibition sponsored by Cheil Worldwide, Inc. as a talent donation creator
Attended Seoul Girl’s Collections in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan
Selected as a designer for the Collaboration project with textile companies
by Korea Federation of Textile Industries
PIS(Preview in SEOUL 2013)
Fashion show-indie brand fair
Fashion show-Deagu fashion fair Nextgen

Korea style week ?Runway
CHIC (China International Clothing & Accessories Fair)- BEJIING CHINA
Who’s next in paris
Deagu fashion fair
MODE Shanghai- Shanghai
Seoul fashion fair

Who’s next in paris
CHIC- Shanghai
Fashion show-indie brand fair
Capsulshow- newyork




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T: +82-70-7651-7800

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