Byungmun Seo

Byungmun Seo is a visually provocative menswear ready-to-wear line. It displays an unconventional construction of  garment that often plays with a development of creative pattern cutting to replace each pattern pieces and elements of garment into unexpected place and conveys new idea to find hidden construction of garment and pushes the boundaries of traditional construction and silhouette.
The philosophy of this label is that fashion needs to be functional first of all, but also conceive a style that reflects the mood and state of mind: poetic, sensitive and melancholic. The inspiration exudes a sense of discreet chic, the essence of timeless style, drawn on a monochromatic, poetic expression through experimental pattern cutting. It also can accentuate the contrast of high textured fabric showing diversity and harmony. The intelligent combination of high end fabric with a variety of other materials gives the brand a luxurious and exclusive look and feel introduces the chic yet, contrasting fabrics is draped and layered to create very distinctive and sombre clothes to clad a twenty-first century gentleman.

2014.10     SEOUL FASHION WEEK Generation Next Show 
2014.06     `Creative Door’2015SS presentation Show @PARIS
2014.06     2015 SS White Trade show @MILANO 
2014.06     2015 SS Pitti Immagine Uomo @FIRENZE
2014.03     SEOUL FASHION WEEK Generation Next Show 
2014.01     `Creative Door’2014FW presentation Show @PARIS
2014.01     2014 FW Tranoi Homme @PARIS 
2014.01     2014 FW White Trade show @MILANO
2013.07     2014 SS Who`s Next @PARIS 
2013.07     2014 SS Premium @BERLIN 
2013.06     2014 SS White @MILANO 
2013.03     iD Dunedin Fashion Week Show
2013.01     2013 iD International Emerging Designer finalist 
2013.01     2013 FW Tranoi Homme @PARIS
2013.01     2013 FW White Trade show @MILANO
2013.01     2013 FW Pitti Immagine Uomo @FIRENZE
2012.10     WGSN Global Fashion Awards Shortlist for`Emerging designer of the year’
2012.10     Design Collaboration with Kolon Industries ` Re;code’ 
2012.10     Menswear Label ‘Byungmun Seo’ officially launched
2012         Popup Shop in London 입점

7기 남성복
서병문 Seo, Byungmun
T: +82---


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